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Geared for War is a level 25 raiding//pvp guild that pushes content and has fun doing it!
We provide feasts, gems and enchants for our core raiders as well as core rated bg groups.
If you are a skilled player who knows your class and is able to raid OR pvp please fill out an app.

You can also contact Ebinki, Quixshift, Idefix, Serephem or Maevisten in game as well!

Catch us on facebook:

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Heroic Blackrock Foundry

by priest-idefix, 448 days ago

Here we are new believers, 4 more bosses down bringing the count to 7 of 10 in BRF.

So I lost our screenshot of our Operator Thogar kill... if anyone has one, please let Ide know


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Heroic Progress

by priest-idefix, 480 days ago

Here we go again...

Hans and Franz were down a few weeks ago.

And last night we scored a double, Gruul and Beastlord are done, lets keep it moving guys, good job all.


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Now 6/7 Heroic

by priest-idefix, 519 days ago

6/7 Heroic, need I say more, awesome week guys.

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Heroic Highmaul

by priest-idefix, 528 days ago

We're Back Baby!!!

Awesome week of raiding guys, 1 heroic boss one-shot, 3 new heroic bosses added to the list, Butcher, Twin Ogron, and Tectus... Let's keep the momentum going !!!

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The Good, the Bad and the WE need to kill shit

by priest-idefix, 538 days ago

The Good, the Bad and the WE need to kill shit

We are raiders!!!

As such there’s a need for us to move through content and to be successful.  We need to start killing bosses.


To get this done and to keep the guild progressing through content, we need consistency.

Since raiding has started this expansion attendance has been an issue for some and it has hurt progression considerably.

To keep the guild moving, we’ll be putting together a smaller group of consistent raiders.

Heroic Raids will be Tuesday and Wednesday, Normal will be Thursday, same raid times.

What does this mean for you?

  • If your name is on the list, you’ll be expected to show up for Heroic raids, on time, and ready… Have Pots, Flasks, Enchants and an understanding of the fight mechanics. We WILL be checking.
  • If you’re not selected, we’ll still be raiding normal keeping people geared and moving through that content.

Once teams are more comfortable with content, caught up with current progression, more raiders will be asked to join the heroic raid team.

The List

Tanks Healers DPS
KT Sere Muma
Quix Ahhsoka Diableaux
  Kunfu Ebinki
  Jax Maev
  Ide Amorista

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Siege of Orgrimmar: Immerseus Heroic 25 man

by priest-idefix, 865 days ago

In true Geared for War style, we stuck to our guns and got Immerseus down on Heroic 25 man difficulty on the last pull of the night.


Good job all!

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GfW Schedule Change and Looking Forward

by priest-idefix, 873 days ago

As you all know we're always trying to align the guild with it's members wants and needs. As such we're changing our 25 man raid schedule.


Starting this raid week our 25 Man raid schedule will be dropping to Tuesday-Wednesday 4:30pm to 7:30pm server time.

Unfortunate Thursdays, have not been popular with a lot of our raiding community with very little progress made mainly due to attendance causing inconsistent group make-ups slowing progression overall on that day.


With this change comes expectations of our 25 man raiding members.

  • General rules of thumb
    • Be Prepared
    • Be Focused
    • Stay Attentive
  • Don't be disruptive, questions are fine but not on farm content you have seen before, see "General rules of thumb"
  • Loot issues (wrong piece, don't want a piece, wanted something that is flagged for DE) will be handled during breaks, wait until then.
  • Know what loot you want, we will be moving through loot faster, and trash pulls will continue during loot distribution
  • KT and Quix are our chosen raid leaders, if you have issues or suggestions about a heroic encounter or new content we're working on, use the guild forums after raid, talk to them before or after raid, they do have a plan and would like to see it in action before entertaining changes to it.
  • Unless told otherwise, only KT and Quix should be queuing their mics during an encounter (stop calling reactions to mechanics and making plans or decisions that you were not tasked with)
  • Never think you will help by doing 99.9% of what we ask you to do. KT and Quix own the kills along with the wipes


Does this mean we're raiding less? Well in all honesty, no.

The guild is putting together a 10 man group to fill Thursdays and whatever other days they chose to continue. The goal is progression, push the content and get the new kills as well as bring experience of the encounters to our members in the 25 man raids.

If you think the 10 man group is getting off easy, they are our clean-up crew and the guild has expectations.

  • Spots are competitive, based on 25 man performance (i.e. survivability, throughput, attendance, and comp)
  • As the 25 man pushes progression, there will be times when there is both farm and progression to be had by the 10 man. This will allow for the lowering of requirements for farm content and raising the bar for subsequent progression content. In other words, the 10 man will be more of a flow of people from week to week rather than a set group.
  • 10 man raids will not be giving out or using epgp, it will be /roll base, Main spec trumps Off spec


So get your game faces on folks, if you want to be participate in the 10 man crew, show us what you got.


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Happy New Year

by priest-idefix, 908 days ago

With the year coming to an end, I leave you with my last post for 2013.

Happy New Year All!!!

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Happy Holidays All

by priest-idefix, 914 days ago




On behalf of our GM and all the officers, we'd like to wish everyone Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays.

Enjoy the time with your families, and party safely.






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Siege of Orgrimmar: Blackfuse and Klaxxi

by priest-idefix, 926 days ago

This is it true believers, with Blackfuse and the Klaxxi dealt with, all that's left is Garrosh. Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war, it's time to show that the Alliance doesn't yield to tyrants and their foul machinations.

Great week everyone, grats all!

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